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Sept. 21, 2013

The Explorers' Club Tour had another healthy turn out. This time the tour was in the Rides & Amusements area in the world America and offered countless ways to have fun.

Explorers Club Tour of America Screen Shots - 08.25.2013

Sept. 01, 2013

Recently AW has quietly made some changes which some may not be aware. After years of asking for a way to be "invisible* while in-world, finally it's possible. It's something many, including myself, have wanted simply for the sake of having uninterrupted privacy while building or just for times when we may not feel particularly social. It's doubtful any of us will ever use this recent privacy feature to hide out for long extended periods of time as we all love the company of our friends as well as the opportunity to show off our accomplishments but it's always nice to have privacy when it's needed.

And now we can! :-)

For those of you who don't know about this recent feature or can't figure out how to access it (because it is not enacted within the ActiveWorlds program itself) it's very easy to do. This link will take you to an image tutorial I slapped together: New AW Options in Your Computer's Systray. In addition to advanced privacy options there are others that will give you greater control over how ActiveWorlds starts and shuts down. Although I haven't selected to allow AW to run at start-up it may be of some value to others.

Check it out, take it for a spin. If you have any questions feel free to telegram me. Enjoy!

Aug. 28, 2013

The Explorers' Club Tour of the world Canyon was a fun time for everyone who went. At times there were between fourteen and eighteen people present which, for latest user numbers, makes for a well populated event. Canyon, owned and created by Red Sorceress, is one of AW's surprising treasures offering sweeping vistas of dark forests and, as the world's name implies, deep canyons carved by meandering rivers throughout the landscape. More than its geography, though, are its builds. Skillfully and thoughtfully executed in a theme that's somewhat medieval, somewhat fantasy, beautifully artistic and very much magical, Canyon employs most of ActiveWorld's latest features. Visit Canyon, you won't be disappointed.

The following link will take you to screen caps I made of the event in Canyon. Currently there are no thumbnails or previews so you will have to click directly on each image to see it. (One day I'll make good on my threat to install an image gallery). I'm a little sorry I didn't get everyone to spread out, fan out more for these images (live and learn) but from them you can easily tell that Canyon is a wonderful world!

Explorers Club Tour of Canyon - 08.25.2013

Seeing Stars?

The following is my take on the recent "star" system in ActiveWorlds. Your opinion may differ but I can't think of a better (or worse) way to place a wider chasm between "old timers" and newcomers. Plus the fact these star graphics only clutter the view when an area has a lot of people present. Imagine being new to AW and finding yourself suddenly thrown into a situation comprised of mostly seasoned AWers. Like a first grader accidentally stumbling into a conference of professors. Consider, too, the fact that there are some AWers who are neither newbs nor old but who have made vast contributions to AW yet they're expected to "earn" stars to signify greater longevity. Length of time in AW is nothing compared to investments of learning, sharing and hard work which should always merit greater recognition than some infantile star. I'm an old timer but my contributions have been so small that it shames me to be forced parade a "haha, I have a old timer's star". It's totally insignificant as to be meaningless. No idea whose brain child this was but it is demeaning.

Rant over (for now). For anyone who wants to know how to remove their stupid star it's quite easy. With AW closed, navigate to your ActiveWorlds directory (usually C:\ActiveWorlds) then to \Default\Textures. Next locate the two files named star.png and star_reissue.png Rename these to anything you want (oldstar.png, oldstar_reissue.png although I call mine stupidstar.png and stupidstar_reissue.png because I happen to think these stars are... stupid). Next, in any graphics editor, create a new but "empty" star.png and star_reissue.png, each should measure 16 by 16 pixels and have NOTHING in them, just... blank. Put these in the \Default\Textures folder and voila! When you start AW your star will be gone (invisible). Future updates may override your substitute star graphics but so far so good. If you can't create .png files then you can grab both here: Blank Stars.

Please share with anyone interested. At this point I don't know if any consequences could come from modifying AWI program files but I'll face the fire, if any.

AWReunion - Online Reunion Summer 2012

For historical (or hysterical) purposes, you can still revisit images of AWReunion's Summer 2012 Reunion, ActiveWorld's and the entire internet's most successful and longest ongoing community event. Prepare to be impressed (and distressed :) by the many creative builds while re-living fond memories of the Summer of 2012.